Making that “BIG” Decision for the First Time!

When an elderly loved one needs assistance, it will probably be obvious to everyone in the family except themselves. Independent people cling strongly to their desire to remain self-sufficient, often long past the time when they are no longer able to truly care for themselves.

It’s best to start talking about Senior Home Care earlier rather than later. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before seeking care for an elderly loved one. YOU can make more informed decisions by discussing care options ahead of time and you can avoid a situation in which your loved one feels home care is being forced on them.

Approach the discussion when your loved one is calm, well-rested, and free from other distractions. They’ll be much more agreeable to listening to what you have to say, and won’t automatically reject your suggestions because they’re tired, in a bad mood, or about to watch their favorite television show.

It’s very important not to be confrontational when bringing up Senior Home Care. If your loved one repeatedly rejects the suggestion, avoid saying things like, “But you know it’s the right thing to do!”  Using phrases like, “It’s your decision,” or, “We’re just talking about possibilities,”  will give your loved one a sense of control over their future. They’re not left under the impression that someone else is taking over their life, leaving them with no choice in the matter.

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