Skilled Nursing Senior Care Services

In-home nursing care is a step above traditional in-home senior care. Skilled Nursing Senior Care is needed by many who suffer from various kinds of illnesses, conditions, disabilities, injuries, etc. In-home nurses provide direct care for your loved one while administering complex medical measures with the same attention and experience hospitals and nursing homes provide.

Skilled Nursing Caregivers at Level Mountain Home Care are Registered Nurses (RNs) with specialized training to provide in-home advanced care and medical tasks, including:

General Health Assessment and Supervision
Skilled Medical Nurse Caregivers are trained to provide a wide range of services to seniors with who are chronically or terminally ill, disabled or recovering from injury. 

Vital Signs Monitoring
Our nurses perform regular blood-pressure tests, monitor heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as other medically necessary tests and observations. We keep detailed records and coordinate communication with your loved one’s care team.

Medication Management and Dispensation
We partner with your loved one’s doctor to make sure they are taking the right medications and the right dosage, at the right time. We evaluate their response to medications and its effectiveness. We report any health status changes to the doctor immediately, allowing them the ability to make changes in a timely manner.

Diabetic Care / Insulin Injections
Our Diabetes Care Program focuses on the education, monitoring, and treatment of your loved ones with Type 1 and Type II diabetes. We assist with the proper storage requirements of insulin and the correct disposal of needles and testing supplies.

G.I. Tube Feeding Management
Our skilled nurses teach and monitor the proper use of the feeding tube. We can inject any required medications into the formula, clean the site and tubing and recognize signs and symptoms of infection.

Ostomy / Colostomy Care
We have the education and experience necessary to assist with in-home ostomy or colostomy care. Our skilled nurses can empty or accurately change pouches or systems as needed, we monitor skin care and irrigation to avoid infections or irritations.

Respiratory Care
Our caregivers are trained to administer and maintain aerosol therapy programs for those suffering from asthma, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and other respiratory problems. We can monitor lung function through oxygen saturation testing and assist with any oxygen therapy as directed by your loved one’s care team.

Senior Nursing Care Services We May Have Missed?
Please feel free to discuss ANY additional needs or concerns that you may have during your FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION. We will work with you to fond a solution that will fit into your Customized Care Plan.