Senior Companion Care Services

Numerous studies show that seniors who engage in mentally challenging leisure activities are less likely to develop dementia or suffer from depression. For many, Senior Companion Care Services fill a gap created by growing older. They provide a crucial link for seniors who live alone and may be isolated from others.

Caregivers at Level Mountain Home Care can provide you with emotional support and encouragement to stay as healthy as possible while remaining independent in your home. We achieve this goal by offering an individualized set of Companion Care Services. These can include:

Decision Making Assistance
Our caregivers can assist you with problem-solving, decision making and general day-to-day organization. While we cannot offer you legal advice, we can help to assure you that your family members are made aware of your issues and desires.

Answering Doors & Phones
We can accomplish these tasks according to the wishes and styles you request.

Gardening has long been declared by healthcare professionals as an activity that can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and alleviate depression. Our caregivers will help you remain active with your hobby while keeping it safe for you to enjoy.

Letter & Email Writing
Staying in touch with friends and loved ones around the world is very important to keeping your mind healthy and active. Whether you prefer the “old-fashioned” pen and paper, or you are embracing the newest technologies of the 21st century, our caregivers can help you stay in touch with anyone in your address book.

Engaging Conversation
Whether reminiscing of events in the past or discussing current events, casual conversation helps to keep you feeling connected to the world around you and break the feeling of isolation.

Mental Stimulation
Crafts, puzzles, games, and cards are all great activities that are both fun and mentally stimulating. Our caregivers encourage and assist you to remain engaged in your favorite hobbies and activities.

Senior Companion Care Services We May Have Missed?
Please feel free to discuss ANY additional needs or concerns that you may have during your FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION. We will work with you to find a solution that will fit into your Customized Care Plan.