Why Choose Level Mountain Home Care

What Are My Options?

An AARP survey recently found that more than 80% of American seniors desire to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives. If you or your loved one fits into this large majority, you basically have three different paths to follow to receive the types of Senior Home Care Services that you need.

1. Direct-Hire a Caregiver

If YOU choose to hire a caregiver for your loved one, YOU will be the person responsible for the entire caregiving experience. YOU will have to interview candidates, YOU will have to perform the background checks and any other pre-employment screening that is necessary. YOU must create the weekly schedules, YOU will have to provide coverage on days when the caregiver is not able to be there due to illness or scheduling conflicts. YOU will have to handle all of the payroll responsibilities including preparing the checks, providing workers comp insurance, depositing the caregiver’s payroll taxes, as well as making the employer’s portion of the Social Security and Medicare withholding payments. YOU essentially will be operating a new small business, that can quickly become overwhelming and detrimental to the care of your loved one.

2. Sign a Contract with a National Home Care Franchise

There are dozens of major franchises in the Senior Home Care Industry scattered throughout the country. Some may have offices in virtually every state. You may have seen their “glitzy and expensive” television commercials that feature professional actors portraying their actual caregivers. Is that REALLY what you want for your loved one?

When you call a National Home Care Franchise, you’ll rarely speak to the same person twice. You and your loved one will simply be a customer number on a computer screen. Large franchises have their own “Operating Manuals” designed to provide IDENTICAL SERVICE for every client. But what if you have INDIVIDUALIZED CONCERNS for the care of your loved one? Do you want your needs to become a notation on some DEVIATION FORM to their STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, when in fact it should be at the center of a personalized care plan?

Do you think that you will know exactly who is visiting your loved one on any given day? National Home Care Franchises have a “revolving door” that swaps caregivers from one assignment to another to best fit their needs, not those of your loved one. Caregivers that develop a meaningful relationship with your loved one are extremely rare with a National Franchise. All of this will ultimately just add to the stress and anxiety that you or your loved one may already be feeling.

3. Develop a Relationship with a Private Home Care Business

Private Home Care Businesses, such as Level Mountain Home Care, take care of many of the administrative caregiver duties for you, while also providing a personalized experience for you and your loved one. The advantages of partnering with Level Mountain Home Care are very clear.

We provide PERSONALIZED CARE. You and your loved one are not just a number on a computer, and our caregivers know who YOU are, and all of your particular desires for your loved one. We handle all of the caregiver hiring, including extensive background and reference checks as well as other necessary screenings. With Level Mountain Home Care, you can trust who is coming into your loved one’s home. Our caregivers are always personally introduced to you, your loved one, and anyone else in the family that they may interact with.

Level Mountain Home Care creates a PERSONALIZED SENIOR CARE PLAN to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met. All caregiver management issues, down to the smallest detail, are handled by our experienced and professional management. Responsiveness? – We wrote the book! Test us on this; if the color of the shoelaces your caregiver wears causes your loved one any anxiety, just mention it to us ONCE and notice the new shoelaces on their next visit. THAT IS RESPONSIVENESS!

The Right Senior Home Care Option For Your Loved One Should Be EASY!

If you are exploring your options for Senior Home Care, let us help. Contact Us today and we will be pleased to discuss what we can do to ensure that your loved one’s needs, your needs, and the needs of any other family members are met!